The Think Week Committee is comprised of volunteers from the four organizing partners, plus special consultants brought in to help with a particular aspect of the Week. The Committee has a two-tiered structure. The Steering committee is made of representatives appointed by the organizing partners. At present, this means one person from each of OxASH, Brookes ASH, Oxford Humanists, and Oxford Sea of Faith.

The four reps appoint a Chair and a Secretary, preferably but not necessarily from within the partner organizations, so that the Steering Committee totals 6 in all with four titled positions: Chair, Secretary, and two Co-Presidents. The Steering Committee then invites members of the partner organizations and the public to sit on the full committee. In addition, the previous year’s Co-Presidents are invited back to sit as Past-Presidents in order to increase continuity from year to year. The Steering Committee is ultimately responsible for executive level decisions, but will try to involve members of the full committee where feasible.


David Shorthouse (Chair), OxASH

  • I did my undergraduate degree in biochemistry at University of Southampton and was on the committee of the Atheist society there. I came to Oxford for a PhD (or DPhil if you’re a snob) in Biophysics, where I was somehow the treasurer of OxASH within a week of being here and on the TW 2011 committee soon afterwards! I am also an active member of Oxford Humanists and the National Secular Society.


Annie Webster (Secretary), BrookesASH

  • Thanks to previous Think Weeks I have been inspired to set up and organise the Brookes Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society which is now in its second year. I am a full-time philosophy student at Brookes doing a research masters into Philosophy and the evolution of the human mind and language.


Dòmhnall Iain Dòmhnallach (OxASH Representative and Think Week Co-President), OxASH

  • My name is Dòmhnall Iain Dòmhnallach (or DI MacDonald). I am a Catholic by birth, a scientist by choice and a sinner by merit. At the moment I’m a second year studying Biomedical Sciences at Oxford University, where I also keep myself busy as President of Oxford Atheists, Secularists and Humanists. I believe passionately in celebrating and promoting science and philosophy within communities to generate discussion. This is my first Think Week and I’m very excited to be involved.


Redd Edwards-Price (BrookesASH Representative and Think Week Co-President), BrookesASH

  • Currently in second year of my undergraduate degree in philosophy and anthropology at Brookes. I got involved with Think Week 2012 after joining the Atheist, Secularist and Humanist society at Brookes. Thoroughly enjoying the whole week of events, I wished to be more involved with it all and as chance would have it I became President of BrookesASH for 2013.


John White (Oxford Humanists Representative), Oxford Humanists

  • Physics at Imperial College + President of the college’s (Humanist) Huxley Soc. + Chair of ULU (University of London)’s Humanist Society also, effectively, a founder member of the BHA since it was formed during / shortly after my time at Imperial . Later, Social Sec. of Manchester (City) Humanists – where Viv and I first met. Never stopped being a member of the BHA, but dropped out of local groups when children arrived and we kept moving house. Lived all my adult life as a humanist – and so do our two daughters. Also, from 2005, Sec. of Humanist and Secularist LibDems.


David Paterson (Sea of Faith Representative), Oxford Sea of Faith

  • Maths at Christ Church, where I decided God doesn’t exist then Lincoln Theological, two curacies and Vicar in Loughborough for 40 years. Co-founded the Sea of Faith Network ‘exploring and promoting religious faith as a human creation’ in 1987. Enjoy a bit of notoriety as ‘an atheist priest’, which is getting less uncommon in the Cof E (not so fast as we’d like!). Firm believer in a secular society which respects the ideologies and faiths of its citizens while conferring privilege on none.


Dane Clouston (Committee Member), Oxford Humanists

  • Lieutenant, Royal Navy. Banker with Guinness Mahon and City National Bank of Detroit. Undergraduate, New College. Twice in 1974 nearly elected Liberal MP for Newbury, either side of PPE degree finals. Returned to banking with Banque Nationale de Paris. Then exporter and antique, pine furniture and art dealer. In 1997 founded Campaign for Universal Inheritance, now Liberal Party (not Lib Dem) policy. Member Liberal Party NEC, Think Week committee since 2009, NSS, BHA and Oxford Humanists. Married, with three children and five grandchildren, so more resources for secular State schools and sporting facilities a priority, financed by VAT on private school fees – as also is Liberal Party policy.


Richard Lisle (Committee Member), OxASH

  • I’ve probably been a scientist for my whole life, always skeptical,questioning and curious. I’ve never had any reason to take ideas of deities seriously and from childhood it became clear that most people’s religions were traditions and an accident of geography. Having studied biomedical sciences at university I worked a stint in medical diagnostics before moving on to skin cancer research. With the increase in vocal fundamentalists I’ve become increasingly concerned with the promotion of secularism. I joined ThinkWeek last year as a volunteer for events and am very happy to be more involved this year.


Joseph Trakalo (Committee Member), Oxford Humanists

  • Bachelors in molecular biology and genetics followed by an M.Sc. in molecular evolution at the University of Guelph. I’ve worked in human genetics, population genetics and molecular ecology. I am also a freelance technical editor and am active as a science communicator. Rejecting religions was easy, but I spent a long time as a deist, feeling there must be some point to it all. Became a Humanist before I became an atheist, but the more I read about quantum theory, the more I realize that not only is it highly improbable that a God or creator exists, but it’s just not necessary. My chief interest in Humanism is in how we build a strong, cohesive, equitable and prosperous society after rejecting religion.


Daudi Muskasa (Committee Member), BrookesASH

  • Let me introduce myself, my name is Daudi Mukasa and I am originally from small town called Preston which is located North West of the UK. Right now I am currently living in Oxford, where I am doing my 3rd year in Oxford Brookes studying Biomedical Science. Believe or not, the first time I heard about Think week was the very first one in 2011. Since then I have followed think week in 2012 and eventually joining BrookesASH shortly after. Due to the past Think weeks I have attended to, I have been inspired to help out as a PR assistant of this year think week. With that in mind, I hope this year’s Think week will be eventful as the previous ones.


Will Garrad (Committee Member), Oxford Humanists

  • I’m an Oxford local, lifelong atheist and more recently a humanist. I’ve been a member of the Oxford Humanists for several years now as well as the National Secular Society. I currently study Archaeology part-time at the Department of Continuing Education, primarily to indulge my love of learning. I’ve greatly enjoyed previous Think Weeks and am looking forward to being involved.


Mary Foy (Committee Member), BrookesASH

  • Thanks to my studies in Religion, Theology and Philosophy, I was taught to seriously question and challenge. From my experiences in political, feminist and philosophy societies it is apparent that I love a decent debate. Since graduating, the sea of faith network has become the much needed realm I need to discuss these issues in everyday life! Think week is a great opportunity for all to get involved in these critical debates and after volunteering in previous years, the time has come to join the committee. I currently work in a local Oxford secondary school and am passionate about the need for equal access to education and opportunity for all young people.